PRURIENT 'A Meal Can Be Made' track premiere/download on Stereogum


Prurient‘s Bermuda Drain finds Dominick Fernow, now a full-time Cold Cave member, taking his longtime noise project into new territories. A few purists will probably get antsy, but if you’ve paid attention, he’s always been willing to shift his project’s sounds and the experiences they offer. Sure, I think of Dennis Cooper’s books as romantic, and am moved by Peter Sotos, but I’ve always considered 2006′s Pleasure Ground standout “Apple Tree Victim” an especially affective love song. One of the biggies. Which is maybe why Bermuda Drain‘s my favorite Prurient album (or cassette, or limited-edition whatever) to date: Its nine songs construct an even darker, deeper, violent, emotionally charged edifice to love, lust, and wanting to rip someone apart. (Or to “give life to those who hate you / ask death for yourself…”) You’ve heard non-album versions of opener “Many Jewels Surround The Crown.” Here’s “A Meal Can Be Made,” the blistering, unhinged, super precise dance track that follows it. (In some ways it’s the album’s curve ball, but just one of many.) Prurient’s suggestion for experiencingBermuda: “Listen on headphones at night while driving through tunnels in Europe.” From experience, it also works through tunnels in NYC. 

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