BUZZOV-EN 'Revelation: Sick Again' LP/CD Pre-order

It is safe to say that we can't believe this day has arrived.

This album, for a number of reasons, has been sitting unreleased for well over a decade. We're pleased as punch to announce today that 'Revelation: Sick Again' is finally available for pre-order on LP/CD!

The album is officially released on LP/CD/Digital on March 29th, 2011.

For you vinyl nerds...the pressing is 1000 units on 3 colors of vinyl (including black).

It's been said many times over that suffering can render magnificent, if sometimes horrifying, results when skillfully transmuted into image, word or song. Th is maxim might be a good summation of the existence of Buzzov•en who have notoriously lived the most extreme facets of the rock n' roll lifestyle - drug addiction, rehab, relapse, jail, break ups, reunions. Th rough all this they managed to produce some of the most beautifully damaged music since Black Flag's descent into the nihilistic abyss of My War. Straddling the lines of metal, doom and filthy hardcore, Buzzov•en still stand as a significant pillar of the 90's underground alongside other such disfigured anomalies (and occasional touring partners) Eyehategod and Neurosis. Their gait may have occasionally faltered due to some of the aforementioned obstacles, but in the first decade of their existence Buzzov•en revealed remarkable consistency, creating an ever growing procession of nightmarish, skull-scraping albums and EPs.

Th ough not surprising given their dysfunctional history, the premature burial of their last studio album due to legal entanglements was yet another frustrating occurrence in a long line of minor and major catastrophes for the band. Written and recorded under a selfdescribed period of "exhaustion, drug-induced confusion and frustration" their music once again managed to flourish despite (or perhaps because of ) the adverse circumstances under which it was created. Revelation: Sick Again is classic Buzzov•en, replete with blistering Sabbath-ian riffing, throat torn eulogies to the narcotically oppressed, and monumental gutter dwelling dirges. Over the course of the albums' eight tracks the untidy trio unfurl their tentacles reaching into the dim recesses of human existence to pull forth yet another grizzled portrait of life gone horribly wrong. Previously available only to bootleg diehards and internet trolls in inferior incarnations, this long lingering blackened gem has finally been disinterred for the world at large and properly presented in all its ragged filthy glory.

“ CHO I C E P R E S S QU OT E S ” _________________________
"Buzzov•en left bloody noses, broken mic stands, and irate club owners in their wake, in what has been described as Sherman's March to the Sea during the Civil War." - Exclaim

“ They were only together for about a decade, but the chaotic legacy of North Carolinian sludge bastards Buzzov•en endures even as no one since has been able to capture quite the same level of fuck you-itude that seemed to come so naturally from vocalist/guitarist Kirk Fisher and the sundry musicians with which he surrounded himself throughout the band’s tenure.” -

T R A C K L I S T I N G ________________________________________
1. Never Again (S.F.)
2. Symptom
3. Drying Out
4. Break Me Off
5. Locked Up
6. Junkie
7. Lose
8. Porch