New House of Low Culture, Feral Pig webstore, etc.

aaron turner (hydra head records CEO, art director and absentee office troll) has been busy with a bunch of stuff lately, apparently anything other than the work he's supposed to be doing for hydra head. at the top of the list is the feral pig webstore, which is now up and running. the purpose of this new shop is to siphon off some of our sales by offering a selection of various hydra head related releases, as well as trying to con people into buying a variety of other items he's supposedly been somehow involved in making.

he's also trying to generate some scratch (for who knows what nefarious purpose), by selling a new/old house of low culture release in the form of a "digital album" entitled "housing tracts". for those not already in the know, house of low culture is turner's long running but intermittently operative "solo" project which seems to be moving into gear again now that he's been kicked out of isis. you can grab the new/old HOLC release below or by heading over to the mysterious sige records website....