Eugene S. Robinson: Live readings with backing from James Plotkin, Scott Kelly, and more...

Eugene S. Robinson
Readies Live Reading Appearances in Support of Debut Novel, "A Long Slow Screw," 

Out Now on Robotic Boot / Hydra Head Records, 
Adds Backing Musicians James Plotkin, Scott Kelly, and More!


Eugene Robinson should have a phobia named after him: fear of hulking bodybuilders trained in mixed martial arts fighting with a thing for exhibitionism who front bands that play savage, jet engine-loud pummel-core and also dabble in porn and journalism. - SF WEEKLY

What is it about Oxbow that strikes fear into the hearts of men, women, and children of all ilk and denomination? The bands awe-inspiring predatory squall? Their lengthy history of confrontational live shows? Is it the fact that frontman Eugene Robinsonhas electrical tape over his ears and will stomp the tar out of you (gladly) if only youd ask (or get too close)? Only the members of a band with albums entitled Fuckfest, King of the Jews (featuring a picture of Sammy Davis, Jr. on the cover) and The Balls in the Great Meatgrinder Collection would know. - DECIBEL MAGAZINE

From Jack Kerouac's reading to Zoot Sims and/or Steve Allen to Eugene Robinson's past book, European tour backing from the likes of JAMIE STEWART [Xiu Xiu], BRUCE LAMONT [Yakuza], SCOTT KELLY [Neurosis] and more, the closing 2010 "readings" of his debut novel A LONG SLOW SCREW are anything BUT simple readings.

Picture an Oxbow show with subtitles, a SPAULDING GRAY set piece without the suicide, or a West Side Story with a lot more criminal sexual activity, and you might come close to what Robinson can do with one chair, one mic and a bottle of decent red wine. Characters come alive and with secret invitations to musical friends and fellow travelers in each town to join in, each show is a hard-ass ramble into the heart of a hard-boiled book non pareil.

Occasionally followed with an author's Q&A in which Robinson promises to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
So help him God.

Don't miss it.

About A Long Slow Screw
The first novel from OXBOW's EUGENE S. ROBINSON, and the second publication after the release of his 2007 book FIGHT: EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ASS KICKING BUT WERE AFRAID YOU'D GET YOUR ASS KICKED FOR ASKING [Harper Collins], A LONG SLOW SCREW is a two-fisted hardboiled crime saga set in 1970s New York that closely follows a diamond heist gone right and then murderously wrong. Featuring a passel of punks, tough broads, shysters and homicidal homos, A LONG SLOW SCREW draws heavily on Robinson's real life involvement with elements partially detailed in his best-selling FIGHT, weaving a fictional story of the chaotic pre-9/11 world of New York City. A native New Yorker himself, Robinson's novel reads like a travelogue to the business end of a bunch of very, very bad things.

Eugene S. Robinson reads from "A Long Slow Screw"

Eugene S. Robinson Live!
10/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Mountain Bar
10/14 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
10/15 Portland, OR @ The Woods w/ Scott Kelly
10/16 Seattle WA @ Comet Tavern (early)
10/16 Seattle WA @ Black Lodge (late) w/ Great Falls, Madraso, The Family Curse
10/23 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle (early show)
10/25 Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird Café w/ Chicago Luzern Exchange
10/26 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ James Plotkin
10/28 Allston, MA @ O'Briens w/ Black Heliocopter
10/30 Portland, ME @ Geno's Rock Club w/ Hessian, Johnny Cremains

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