CAVE IN: Anomalies Vol. 2 'Live In Milan' CD Available Tomorrow!

Anomalies Vol. 2, you say? But how?! But why?! The Cave In gents were so antsy to get a move on with the Anomalies series that they've jumped immediately to #2 with this slammin' (we have only heard the track below, and its we'd have to assume the whole set is awesome.) self released live set from 2003. This release was recorded from soundboard at a stop-over in Milan, Italy in 2003 while out supporting their RCA album 'Antenna'. We're not sure who they were playing with that night (so if you know, please tell us!), but we're guessing it was a killer show if for no other reason than that the band at this point was in tip top fighting shape. From the look of the track listing there's a nice mix of selections spanning much of Cave In's varied and dynamic fact it looks like every release from Until Your Heart Stops through Perfect Pitch Black is represented here (including a personal favorite, Droned, which wasn't officially released for another few years after this live set).

The band put this release together themselves, and are making it available for the first time tomorrow night for their sole remaining summer show (w/Boris, Russian Circles at Mid East Club in Cambridge, MA). We're not sure of the price or of where to buy it after tomorrow night, but we'll do our best to get some into the webstore real quick like.

If you won't be at the show tomorrow, perhaps this throwback cut from the release will tide you over for a bit!