Win A Chance to See Austerity Program Play in Your Living Room + Other Prizes!

From The Austerity Program:

To celebrate the 5.4.10 release of our EP, Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn, we are running a contest.

What you can do (options)

1. Take a picture that illustrates a lyric from an AP song. Keep in mind that while we may be able to interpret you sitting sad in a chair as conceptually related (maybe), BIG POINTS will go to the person blowing disease into an American Legion convention.

2. Remix a song. Specifically, HH is hosting the files for Song 18 from our last record that let you mess with the bass, guitar, vocals and drums. Chop it up, mash it up, remix, add your own instruments, make it crazy. Download the song files here:

3. Make something else that's somehow related to what we're doing. A Youtube video of a song, or a cover of a song, or that makes fun of one of our videos? Excellent. A sonnet that’s also a palindrome? Fantastic. A .pdf of a police report from when you got arrested as some conceptual performance art that’s related to the Terra Nova EP? Uhh ... okay! Great!

Who decides?

-We have a panel of judges made up of the two of us and our friend Brian. Keep in mind that Brian is wildly creative but NOT a metal cretin so obvious stuff won’t work.

-We will only ask that you allow us to post the results on our website to share with the world. We want to reward people who are willing to do creative stuff. We’ve had a bunch of fun making this record and want you to have fun making something, too.

How do you enter?

Contest entries must be received before 12AM, June 5th (one month after the record release). Winners will be announced a few days later. Links/attachments to all entries must be sent to: contest | @ | austerityprogram | dot | com (typed in standard e-mail address).

What can you win?

- Third Prize (5): AP Merch Pack A CD of the new record and t-shirt.

- Second Prize (3) : AP Poster Pack – Four posters - Jay Ryan, Jessica Crosby (2) and the VERY FIRST AP show. All handmade.

- First Prize (Away from NYC) (2) AP Song Access – Access to a download page with links to pretty much every AP song. Includes unreleased stuff and

demos. We send you the time and the page link, you have one hour to download whatever you want. Then the link dies.

- First Prize (NYC Area) (1) : AP Show at Your Home – If you live within 100 miles of NYC, we will come to your home and play a show. Since we have a drum machine and there’s only two of us, this can be very quiet – even some lousy apartment’s kitchen can work. We just won’t bring the full setup (unless you want to get evicted, which is fine with us).

- Grand Daddy Prize (1): Cover Song – We’ll cover whatever song you want us to as best we can, taking your general instructions into account. Delivery by November 1, 2010.

Fine print!

-First, no one who’s specifically thanked (by name or direct association) on the CD is eligible for entry.

-Second, we came up with the contest and all decisions about to who and how the prizes are allocated are up to us entirely. We’ll do our best to be fair, but those with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement are being warned to stay cool. -Third, we will not give any contact information about anyone to anyone - but we will probably add you to our e-mail list if you enter (unless you ask us not to).

-Fourth, please do not submit something that makes us have to apologize to our friend that he agreed to help us - stuff that is meanspirited or hateful. Finally, no more than one prize per person. Like that’s gonna be a problem. Oh, and we may find reading all this later that we screwed something up, so we reserve the right to change things. We’ll keep things current on our website.

Good luck and have fun!