Hydra Head Doesn't Hate the Austerity Program!

Nice Austerity Program feature on Noisecreep:

"Can we get a volunteer to start our drum machine?" Justin Foley asked Friday night at Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Union Pool. Unlike many other humans I've come across, Foley and bassist Thad Calabrese don't have to try to hard to be funny. Since their enlistment in the Hydra Head army in 2003, they've put out some of the most unconventional press releases this writer has ever seen.

The most recent press release was this bit from Hydra Head: "Three years after they released their debut full length, the
Austerity Program are back with not even twenty minutes of music -- a four-song EP. You are not us, their label and so you have no idea how much this absolutely infuriates us. We have probably been on the phone with these guys averaging at least once a week over that time. 'Guys, guys, we have invested a lot of money in you, when are you going to come out with something?'"