The Austerity Program Debut Exclusive Behind the Scenes Documentary for New Album "Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn"

Watch footage from the making of "Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn" here!

10 out of 10 review for "Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn" in New Decibel Issue out now!

"This is just unbelievably innovative and catchy music. Songs stick to your ribs and repeat in your head until you snag another chance to hear them... This record, taken as four songs written by who gives a shit and recorded in nowhere USA, allows everyone who yaps about the lack of truly original music to take a couple listens and then shut the fuck up."

Backsliders and Apostates CDep/12"/DataDVD Out May 5th!!

1. Song 25 (4:42)
2. Song 26 (5:18)
3. Song 27 (4:05)
4. Song 29 (5:31)

The Austerity Program Live!
Friday, 4/29 - Unit 11 in Boston w/ Disappearer and Phantom Glue
Saturday, 5/1 - 17 Mules in Providence
w/ Disappearer and Phantom Glue
Sunday, 5/2 - Union Pool in Brooklyn
w/ Disappearer and Phantom Glue