Kayo Dot: Download Whisper Ineffable @ The Village Voice!

Download "Whisper Ineffable" by Kayo Dot, and read The Village Voice's interview w/ frontman Toby Driver, here!

Coyote is a 40-minute narrative composition that swirls with cooing violins, whining trumpets, jangling xylophones, and haunting blasts of cosmic debris--easily their most cohesive, heavy-hitting and best album yet. Influenced by early '80s goth and Herbie Hancock's more psychedelic excursions, Coyote is a mini-suite that's at once punishing, sad and gloriously free. - The Village Voice

Tracklist for Coyote
I. Calonyction Girl
II. Whisper Ineffable
III. Abyss Hinge 1: Sleeping Birds Sighing In Roscolux
IV. Abyss Hinge 2: The Shrinking Armature
V. Cartogram Out Of Phase

Kayo Dot Live!

2/21 @ The Stone
Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) and Charlie Looker (Extra Life) Improvised Electric Guitar Duos

3/12 @ Issue Project Room
Tartar Lamb II (featuring all members of Kayo Dot)

3/19 @ McCarren Hall
Tartar Lamb II (featuring all members of Kayo Dot)

4/10 @ Blot Spot, Binghamton NY
Kayo Dot plays Coyote

4/11 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn
Kayo Dot plays Coyote

4/12 @ Whitson Greeting Hall, SUNY Puchase
Kayo Dot plays Coyote