James Plotkin (Khanate, Jodis, Khlyst Etc...) Top Ten of 2009

10. Rehearsal space bodily fluids
9. Gibson Les Paul 1954 Black Beauty R4
8. Masters for Table Of The Elements, Not Not Fun, Utech, Rhys Chatham, and
SMTG Ltd among others. Keep the quality sounds coming.
7. Remastering Saint Vitus and Witchfinder General
6. Bibio "Vignetting the Compost" CD
5. Jon Mueller "Physical Changes" LP/CD/DVD
4. Final nail in the KHNT coffin
3. Shield Your Eyes "Shield 'Em" master (amazing guitar acrobatics and killer songs)
2. Launching EHFX
1. Living outside the system as much as possible.

Also, the Jodis-"Secret House" 2xLP will be available very very soon, so be on the look out!