Xasthur: 2005 Demo CD / 12" out February 23rd on Hydra Head!

One of America's most prolific and unapproachable underground metal musicians. - Billboard

It's so unnerving at times that it's easy to forget that this is just one Californian, one human like any other... except he hates everything he sees with a Nietzschean passion. - Decibel

If your into de/opp-ressive black metal, and like... who isn't? then your already a massive Xasthur fan... And so, you're already overwhelmingly aware of the fact that no outfit or individual in the Black Metal community, absolutely no one, is capable of reflecting and drawing the listener in to such a near tangible presence of distress...

The Xasthur record in question, 2005 Demo, is two lost, completed demo tracks that were recorded prior to the time that Subliminal Genocide was... and in a sense these two previously unavailable recordings come across like a much belated extension of Subliminal Genocide. And that record rules, so that's good news, right? Hydra Head has since mastered 2005 Demo so the listen will be enjoyable for Black Metal heads across the board, not just completest kids with b-side collections from here to Asgard.

2005 Demo Tracklist
1. Untitled 4/05 (7:02)
2. Untitled 5/05 (9:12)