Oxbow: LA Weekly Covers "Songs For the French" Limited 12"

When you've released albums with names like "The Balls In The Great Meat Grinder," recorded for Greg Ginn's legendary SST Records, worked with Steve Albini, and been crafting avant-garde blues since the late '80s, well, your throne should already be lined with the finest black velvet and the skulls of lesser artists. But despite Oxbow's legendary track record, the San Francisco band still has yet to get its due. Hydra Head Records has been doing its part to prove this fact, reissuing the group's game-changing 1989 debut
Fuckfest earlier this year, and pressing up this noisy little gem -- a tour disc whose A-side includes three in-studio improvisations (lyrics and all) and whose B-side collects a handful of live highlights from last year's European tour. In both contexts, Eugene Robinson's groaned, sung and screamed vocals sound as desperate and commanding as ever, while the music ranges from minimal plucking and percussion to jazzy feedback-fueled skronk.