The Austerity Program Play APEX Fest III on Friday the 13th

If you reside in or expect to be near NYC on November 13th, we strongly suggest... nay, insist! that you attend the APEX Fest... The reasoning behind this endorsement is quite simple... The Austerity Program, our bestest buds in the whole wide world who also rarely perform live and are of course phenomenal at it when they do, will be there... performing live!!! Word on the street is The Austerity Program will be playing a hell of a lot of new material.... so don't blow it!

On top of all that good Austerity Program News: James Plotkin will be dj-ing a portion of the fest and Gnaw (Alan Dubin of Khanate's new band) will be performing as well. Lastly, we are told admission comes with a poster and a shirt... Tickets sales are limited to 50 per day... get em' here!