Chel's List - Eugene S Robinson's novel, Dead Whale "Auk" CD, Isis "Live 5" CD, Lustmord "Beyond" CD, Dan/Cavity postcard set

In this episode, our oafish friend is a bundle of raw nerves. He fears messing up the description for Eugene's novel 'A Long Slow Screw' but is saved by Eugene himself giving a bit of the low down on his book. He says a few words, gleefully offers to sign the first 100 copies "For you to you" and then reads a small excerpt.

Chel is disappointed that he didn't start his brief reading with the line, "Call me Ishmael". (Hell of a segue from Eugene's book to Dead Whale CD's)

Chel's fear escalates when it comes time to describe the new Dead Whale CD 'Auk' Such peaceful and tranquil tracks would lead you to think Dead Whale a frail, awkward club kid. Nope, here's a description of him pulled from a google search. "You’ll be able to spot Ironlung because he’s six foot of man with one foot of black Santa Claus beard." What the description fails to note is the mountain man frame and fists like glazed hams. Fortunately Chel is able to use some adjectives that came straight from Dead Whale himself and only blunders it a little.

Thinking himself safe from catching a beating from the two most dangerous frontmen Chel can think of, he's blindsided by an angry text message from a 3rd frontman, and still hasn't recovered. I'm sure if Chel were writing this he would apologize to the frontman, the rest of the band members, and the fans that missed out on the merchandise.

If you are interested in getting a signed copy of Eugene S Robinson's novel "A Long Slow Screw", a Dead Whale hand crafted unique 'Auk' CD, or any of the merchandise mentioned in the header, e-mail and check out the new and improved