Nihill Announce Second Album in Trilogy, "Grond," out October 13th on Hydra Head!

This is some seriously blackened music. -

GROND, chapter two in a trilogy, is an album wholly immersed in abstraction. The instrumentation renders a forceful merging of massive celestial bodies, each a whirling cacophony exuding a unique sonic trembling. After digesting the lyrics in accordance, what used to sound like the swinging of a pendulum, rather depicts a birth of unintelligible base... a spectral achievement even. Nihill, an outfit still very new to the American public, travels freely from one metal sub-genre to the next. The reflexive nature with which Nihill makes these connections might lead one to consider them genreless. GROND, for example, is at once: drone, doom, noise, industrial, and black metal; arriving at something resembling a sort mechanistic dark ambient more than anything else.

If anything this unique need suffer comparison for the sake of cognition, Nihill's nearest contemporaries are the likes of Sunn O))), Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega. Moreover, If realized as an experience, rather than confining the moods and ideas therein to the nulling constructs of a conventional metal record, GROND offers the listener the opportunity to perceive things beyond physicality...

Grond Tracklisting:
1. Aard
2. Antimoon
3. Vacuum
4. Pulsus