Chel Sells Shirts Well....

Well, we're not entirely sold on the idea that he actually sells them well, but he's trying hard, so what the hell.

The top image features shirts we have have just recently uncovered in our storage.

The bottom 2 images are altered versions of the ones we posted last week. If our intern Ryo has done the job that we don't pay him for correctly, they show the pictures and sizes of the remaining shirts in stock here at HHR.

These shirts are overstock, extras and ones that for one reason or another end up here at our offices rather than on the backs, boobies, and guts of the their fans. We have very limited quantities of these shirts, and are selling them on a first come first serve basis.

They are only available through Chel, our in howes merch man. Contact him via e-mail. He'll reply with pricing info, and get you on his list of people to e-mail when we have something new, exciting or interesting come through our doors.

These recently uncovered shirts should go fairly quickly, so if you think you might want one, let Chel know in your first e-mail so that you get first dibs on it.