Khanate Review On Pitchfork

the review is pretty good, but the cover image is all wrong... I pieced together a little diagram to un-confuse the folks in need of un-confusing. Of course, none of the aforementioned folks frequent the HH blog, so as usual I'm wasting my time.. thanks for already being in the know... generally... 

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<----- Cover Image On Pitchfork...

Clean Hands Go Foul, the fourth and likely final full-length from late experimental metal outsiders Khanate, deserves a warning label: "Not recommended for those with mild-to-severe mental disturbances," it could read before countering, "Well, just promise not to hurt anyone, OK?" Its brittle, monstrous tones shake whatever space they enter. Riffs coil, shatter, and splinter into notes that disperse like buckshot. Words trade mythology for purely imagistic hatred. You could imagine Khanate pushing some feeble soul over the edge.