GREYMACHINE- "Disconnected," Out August 4th on Hydra Head

Announce Debut Album, "Disconnected," out August 4th on Hydra Head!
GREYMACHINE is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most realized collaborative effort between Justin Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh, Napalm Death, Final, Techno Animal, Head of David, God, Curse of the Golden Vampire etc..), Dave Cochrane (Head Of David, God, Ice), Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu, Godflesh) and Aaron Turner (ISIS, House of Low Culture, Mamiffer, Jodis, Old Man Gloom, Lotus Eaters, Drawing Voices, The Hollomen, Union Suit etc..) ever! If you're a fan of Godflesh, or have even a fleeting interest in the band, this bud's for you; if you subscribe to The Aural & Visual Art of Aaron Turner this shit's a pool party. 

Disconnected, the album in question, is at once jarring and ethereal.... which is, as you may already know, the kind of combination that results in entire city blocks bobbin' their heads to dis... In summation, GREYMACHINE sounds like a serious case of cyberbullying through the mind of an extremely autistic child living in an ever-shifting hadean landscape thronged with mindless militants, dilapidated cityscapes and ephemeral phantoms... so to summarize the summation, Disconnected is haunting and modern sounding... In a good way.

Disconnected Track Listing
1. Wolf At the Door
2. Vultures Descend 
3. When Attention Just Ain't Enough
4. Wasted 
5. We Are All Fucking Liars 
6. Just Breathing 
7. Sweatshop 
8. Easy Pickings 

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