Khanate "Clean Hands Go Foul" CD, Ltd. CD+DVD

Now available - Khanate - "Clean Hands Go Foul" on CD, and limited CD+DVD that includes a 40+ minute live performance filmed in Chicago in 2005 on the END:CAPTURE AND RELEASE LIVE DVD in an edition of 1000. This should have been posted sooner, but some of us are bad at remembering. One of our sisters' birthdays is tomorrow, and we haven't bought a present yet. Shit. I guess she is getting one of these, even though the music will terrify her and we will get yelled at by our mom.

Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul CD, front and back

CD interior, unfolded booklet

Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul Ltd. CD+DVD, front and back

Limited DVD and Sleeve

Also available: Clean Hands Go Foul mug, t-shirt, and vinyl LP.

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