James Plotkin interview on Way Too Loud

"I’ve always been a fan of Khanate for awhile now, and I was saddened to hear about their breakup in 2005. I’d been awaiting the new album hoping to hear it in 2007, and it’s finally here today.

If you go looking for Khanate interviews on the net, you might be disappointed, as most people seem to ask the members about all their other projects, but no one seemed to focus on one band. Derek at Solid PR was cool enough to hook me up with Khanate bass player James Plotkin - though he did much more than just play bass in the band.

Way Too Loud!: How did “Clean Hands go Foul” come about?

James Plotkin: We had a bunch of time left over from the recording session for “Capture and Release”. At rehearsals we’d improvised before, so we were interested in recording and seeing what would happen, and we had the tape and we had the time, so we figured we’d fill up all the tape we had and see if we could come up with anything usable. That’s basically the core of the record. We didn’t record anything that we didn’t use, so everything we did is on that record. It was strange, because I think that sound quality come off better than “Capture and Release” as far as I can tell. It was much more conducive to mixing and getting a better live sound, and a nice crisp sound

We recorded it within a day of “Capture and Release”, so it wasn’t what some people though, like an after the fact recording or lost tapes or something. I was glad we did it.

I was actually going through some old hard drives a couple of weeks ago and found a handful of improvised records from our very first session that we recorded our first album from. I don’t know if that’s a possible release for the future, but it’s funny because I completely forget they existed, and I’m sure everybody else did too..." Read the full interview on Way Too Loud