ISIS Tour Poster Series!

Tonight is the last night of the ISIS Wavering Radiant North American Tour, which means alot of things around the HHR office. It means Mark will have to tell Aaron that Andrew works here now. It means Chel will have Armando back. It means new interns, June and Tyler, will be fired. It means James will have to move back home. It means there will be an official ceremony declaring Wes the Golden Child. And it also means that Aaron will bring back a pile of silkscreen tour posters and let the staff fight over them. We'll pick and pull and jealously criticize, but everyone will go home with more paper to add on top of the "stuff to frame" stack in our living rooms.

But, now, if you go here, you too can be the proud owner of many unframed ISIS tour posters. The good people at Broken Press are selling poster packs as well as individual posters from the tour. Alot of kick-ass artists participated in the series; Mackie Osborne, Seldon Hunt, Stephen Kasner, Faith Coloccia, Adam Jones, and many others all contributed art. Our boy, Tom Neely, did the LA poster. Check out these examples below: