Big Business Releases "Mind The Drift" Today

After much anticipation, Los Angeles based rock heroes BIG BUSINESS have just released their latest and most epic album to date. Entitled "Mind The Drift," the album is available courtesy of the renowned Hydra Head Records, and was produced by Phil Ek (Built To Spill, Fleet Foxes, The Shins) in his Seattle studio.

Featuring the ferocious vocals and bass duties of Jared Warren (ex-Karp, Tight Bros From Way Back When), dominating drumming abilities of Coady Willis (also of the newly revived Murder City Devils), and for the first time, guitar madman Toshi Kasai (also a respected producer in his own right), "Mind the Drift" echoes the band's trademark motor-oil thick, thundering sound, and adds to it layers of spaced out effects, making for the band's most dizzying and progressive album yet. Here's what the people have to say:

"Mind the Drift reveals a serious expansion of the Big Business sound: Though each of these tunes is still built atop a lumbering low-end groove, tracks like “Gold and Final” and the nearly 9-minute “Theme from Big Business II” ascend to trippy psych-metal heights any Hawkwind fan could love." - Revolver Magazine

"The trio organizes a head-banging assault, with snarling bass and cymbal smashes underpinning Warren's burly shouts and Kasai's piercing detours into grandiose metal riffs." -

"As evidenced by the plundering beats and awe-inspiring riffage, they're dead serious about songwriting. While the tunes on Mind the Drift follow the same chaotic constructs as their first two discs, there's more of an emphasis on guitar, providing more sonic shades for the musicians to trample." - Headbangers Ball Blog

"The sludge and the swagger known as Big Business are hitting the road again; they've got a new album coming out called 'Mind The Drift' on May 12 via Hydrahead Records, and in an exclusive interview with Noisecreep drummer Coady Willis called the album "the most ambitious thing we have tried yet." For those not in the loop, Big Business is no longer a two-some of just drums and bass. Toshi Kasai has been added on guitar and keyboard. 'Mind The Drift' is the first full length that Big Business has shown off this new three-man stoner-esque heaviness for the masses." - AOL Noisecreep

"Big Business bassist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis churn up the tonal equivalent of an oil spill, and write songs too violently catchy for the usual “sludge” and “stoner-rock” tags. Their bleak, queasy third album, Mind The Drift, tries to look beyond the euphoric whiplash of 2005's Head For The Shallow and 2007's Here Come The Waterworks, keeping the dense lows while guitarist Toshi Kasai adds squiggly underpinnings and melodic leads." - The Onion AV Club

"Kasai's presence is easily detected via prominent, quasi-clean guitar lines that undulate high above Willis and bassist Jared Warren's familiar murk and mire. Bits of organ and bizarre vocal moments additionally separate Mind the Drift from its predecessors, and purposeful restraint is evident on nearly every track." - Alarm Press

"Kasai's squealing guitar flourishes supplement the boisterous low tones of "I Got It Online," while the staggering energy of "Found Art" shows a cohesive new three-instrument sound." - The Washington Post

* Click below to stream the new album from Big Business, as well as download the audio commentary (aka "Criterion") version, and catch the band live as they continue their ongoing US tour with friends Tweakbird!

* Click here to stream "Mind The Drift" in its entirety!

"Mind The Drift" Tracklist
1. Found Art
2. Gold and Final * Download exclusively @!
3. Cats, Mice
4. I Got It Online
5. The Drift
6. The Ayes Have It
7. Cold Lunch
8. Theme From Big Business II

The Drift * digital single / buy it now @ iTunes!

Big Business US Tour w/ Tweak Bird!
May 12 2009 Middle East Downstairs Boston, Massachusetts
May 13 2009 Grog Shop Cleaveland, Ohio
May 14 2009 The Basement Columbus, Ohio
May 15 2009 Headliners Music Hall Louisville, Kentucky
May 16 2009 Small's Detroit, Michigan
May 17 2009 The Bottom Lounge Chicago, Illinois
May 18 2009 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 20 2009 Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
May 21 2009 Bar Deluxe Salt Lake City, Utah
May 22 2009 Neurolux Boise, Idaho
May 23 2009 Dante's Portland, Oregon
May 24 2009 Neumo's Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle, Washington
May 25 2009 The Big Room Olympia, Washington
May 27 2009 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, California
May 28 2009 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, California
Jun 1 2009 Troubadour Los Angeles, California
Jun 2 2009 Casbah San Diego

"Live, Big Business certainly didn't disappoint, serving up a huge, throbbing meatball of fuzzy, thundering rock. A one-man drum corps, Coady Willis plays so hard and fast that he's able to get away with playing in fingerless gloves without looking like a total asshole. More than once I caught myself going up on tiptoes to verify the band wasn't using pre-recorded drums as it sounded like he was hitting every drum and cymbal at once with both hands. Wow. Though it's never suffered from a lack of volume, the addition of session player Toshi Kasai on guitar filled in any possible gaps in the group's wall of sound. As bad as things are for big business these days, Big Business is flourishing." - NY Press