"The Incredible And True Saga Of Jesu and The Bug "

As posted on Buddyhead.com
"Even if they’d never met, Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin would still have been kindred spirits. Locating themselves on the sharpest cutting edges of modern music, both have traced restless creative paths that now find them operating in musical spheres far removed from where they began, reshaping genres and mutating blueprints as they went along. Those latest incarnations – Broadrick composing colossal dream-rock as Jesu, Martin carving apocalyptic dancehall as The Bug – have yielded both their most acclaimed and most accessible noise to date.

For all their musical parallels, however, Martin reckons they could have been ships that passed in the night. “We’ve made completely opposite journeys through our lives,” he smiles, sitting in a café across from his studio in Bethnal Green. “Justin grew up in the grittiest, grimiest parts of Birmingham, and now he lives on the north coast of Wales. I spent my teenage years in Weymouth, a seaside town; all I knew was sea and grass, so I’m happy getting lost in concrete now.”
“We lived in one of the really revolting areas of Birmingham, a terrifying, bleak shit-hole,” nods Broadrick from his studio in the wilds of Abergele, where, he gleefully offers, he can see a grazing cow from his window. “Thanks to my music, I’ve managed to escape that environment.”- read the rest of this article, by Stevie Chick, here.