Another wonderful month has arrived here at HHR inc, ushering in a bevy of audio-visual products from our truly peerless stable of recording artists. Some long delayed projects have finally rolled in the door, as well as some relatively recent productions, and more are due to arrive at our loading docks any day now. Here's what you can expect in the coming days and weeks:

-Everlovely Lightningheart "Sien Weal Tallion Rue" 2xLP. Three years in the making and finally here. Limited to 300 copies on 2 colors of vinyl, packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, with printed innersleeves, and a 12"x12" insert. A portion of the pressing will also include hand made collages by the band themselves, the contents of which were culled from the Hydra Head porn archives, Martha Stewart Living, and super market flyers sent to the home of an unnamed Hydra Head employee. These are being readied for our loyal mailorder customers as we speak. 

-Torche "Healer/Across the Shields" 12" + DVD. 12" includes 2 tracks from the "Meanderthal" album and 2 brand new songs on the flipside. The vinyl was pressed on 3-4 different colors, depending on who you ask (us or the pressing plant). The DVD includes 2 videos made for the above mentioned album tracks. LP and DVD both packaged together in some very, uh trippy sleeves. These are also being assembled this week by our competent and handsome assembly line workers.

Also arriving this month will be the final Khanate LP/CD/CD + Ltd DVD "Clean Hands Go Foul. Here are some snippets of a review for the album as printed in the new issue of The Wire:
"Clean Hands Go Foul" is both Khanate's final statement and their grandest achievement... ...destined to be influential on adventurous Metal groups to come... ...O'Malley, Plotkin, and Wyskida have a bone-deep understanding of the tension and power inherent in the rock trio format, but it's their mastery of dynamics that launches them far outside the self-imposed limitations of Doom Metal..." 

And last but not least we'll also be receiving the much aniticipated Xasthur 2xLP /ltd cassette "All Reflections Drained", and the 2xLP version of Harvey Milk's much lauded "Life... The Best Game in Town". Who says you can't thrive during a recession? We're the most can-do company you know.  Further announcements and new installments of Chel's list will let you all know when these indispensable items are available for sale.....