Andrew Cox Has An Art Show!

Rachael was supposed to put this flyer for Cox's art shot on the blog exactly one week ago.  But she hates Andrew because he always leaves garbage on her desk and constantly changes her browser's home page.  So that combined with her being an alpha that also fancies herself an artist pretty much confirms why she probably wants to sabotage him.  

We're on on way to his reception now (come and bring Cox some booze! we've never seen him drink before...), but if you can't also make it tonite, try to make a trip out to see his exhibit before it closes on Saturday. Word is Cox has got a homemade life size Optimus Prime there...if he doesn't we are TOTALLY gonna fuck him up.

Andrew is the dude that does our youtube clips AND the dude that designed our Hydra Head Shirt AND the guy that drew the "how to" diagram in the Melvins 4xLP AND the dude that drew the front and back of our test press covers AND the one who probably assembled yr recent favorite HHR get the idea...he's a secret gem that we're ready to out.

You Cannot Bear What Has Already Been Born- Art Show

Andrew Cox

February 22-28

Lime Gallery, CalArts
24700McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

Opening Reception
9pm-12am Thursday, February 26th