New Merch Available Now at the Hydra Head Shop

Some of this stuff went up over the last few weeks, but a bunch of it is new as well. New merch items are available now from Pelican, Zozobra, Lustmord, Oxbow, Isis, Torche, Helms Alee, Hydra Head and Bergraven.

We have no idea why the BCD merch models all stick their chest out when taking pics. But check it out, they totally do. James pointed out today that the dude that designed our Hydra Head shirt (also listed below) looks like a BCD model without even having to stick his chest out like they do.

We should also make note that the shirts are not strictly for men, and the tote bag is not strictly for women. Mark has an extensive tote bag collection (really, he does...even has an ugly/shity green Subway one that gets him a free cookie every time he goes in), and is a little too excited for this Pelican tote we just launched. If any of you have tote bags that you want to give him, please drop him a line at