Chel's List Holiday Edition: A Wicked Big Sale!

Dear Chel

i am broke, absolutley no money, nada. but whats even worse, i am addicted to hydrahead-products, especially vinyl. so, mentioning the release of an limited color vinyl release is for me like showing a junky an oversized paperbag full of dope and then flushing it down the toilet, its cruel and sadistic. please stop it or i have to sell my organs (or my whole body as a sex-slave to fat, ugly rich people).
so please stop sending me your lists,

btw you rock as gordo fett, you got my vote for sure

so long
(name removed to protect the broke)
Dear (name removed to protect the broke),

I'm sorry that I have used your break up letter to help promote my selling of Hydra Head and Hydra Head related items, but you summed up what I wanted to say perfectly, and included all the references I wanted to make.

I'm sending you a little something, something as a gift for being the first and so far only person to be asked to be taken off the list, and doing it with such flare.

ho ho ho-

-Chel- Putting Cap'n Crunch in my Cargo Hold since 1995

For those of you that aren't receiving my List but might have interest in seeing what we have left for items, here's the link to my PDF.

E-mail if you wish to place an order for something remaining on the list or to receive e-mails from me when we update our list or are offering new and exciting deals.

-Chel- best wrapper alive since 1995