Survey Says? : Should We Continue to Let Reed Add Guacamole on his Chipotle Burrito Bowls?

Meet Reed. He is an intern. He gets his lunch paid for whenever he comes in to help. Today we all went to Chipotle (shout out to the ladies behind the counter at the Burbank Chipotle!), and Reed absolutely HAD to have guacamole added to his chicken burrito bowl. The problem that we have with him today is that he not only did not finish his meal, but he literally did not eat more than 25% of the guacamole...which drove us insane. Its not the 65 cents that it cost to buy the added Guac, its the fact that Reed just HAD to have it. On top of that he barely ate his meal...the pic here is from after we all gave him shit for being wasteful. He was gonna throw it away until we saw how much he had left....we did for a second consider taking it home ourselves but then realized how he's a sloppy open mouth eater who always has shit falling out of his mouth and onto his plate.

We'd love your opinion....Should read be allowed to add on Guac in the future? Please vote above in the upper right corner of the blog.