Hydra Head Vinyl Give Aways

Recently, the guys over at CoolHunting.com hosted a Melvin 4xLP give away where readers were asked to submit the name of the their favorite Melvins song and why. The contest closed sometime last week leaving one lucky man known only as "Kevin the Mule" with the win.

""Blood Witch. I fucked my ex the last time to this song. God I hate that bitch."

His answer was chosen by the CoolHunting team because of its true "Melvins Spirit".
Congrats Kevin. Unfortunately you never got back to us with a photo of yourself so we can only imagine you looked something like this yahoo

Some other responses worthy of honorable mention:

"fav. song is revolve--i was jogging through the local mountains when all of a sudden i had to have a serious movement. no one else was around, so needless to say i dropped me trousers and snapped off a 14" cable(no lie) right there while jammin to revolve. with no t.p. or foilage, i wipped with me sock, and jogged home with one sock. brings back memories....thanks" -Stephen H

"My favorite Melvins song is, by far, 'The Bit' off of the album 'Stag' because it's for cows and cows are sacred and make milk that i make cheese with and cheese is delicious, especially on pizza."- James B

***Today is the last day to subit your email to our friends over at Synthesis.net who are hosting the Helms Alee+Peli/TAAS Vinyl Give Away. So make your way over there ASAP and click Sweeps to submit your info***