Caleb Scofield interview on

"Having relocated to the pseudo-glitz of L.A., former Boston indie label Hydra Head still holds onto the musical interests of Cave In alumni Stephen Brodsky (Stove Bredsky), Adam McGrath (Clouds) and Caleb Scofield (Zozobra). Each musician has gone on his separate path, far from the shimmering prog pop of their pioneering group. Only Scofield, however, still has the bloodlust for heavy metal, and as Zozobra, he successfully uses his monstrous bass as a large-bore shotgun, like on the cover of Ted Nugent’s “Weekend Warriors.” “Treacherous” has a colossal Tool heft, while “Heavy with Shadows” dips into Cave In’s psychedelic bag o’ tricks with echoing guitars. “Heartless Enemy,” “In Jetstreams,” and especially “Sharks That Circle” spotlight Scofield’s clean vocals prominently in the mix, though they’re only harmonies. After two minutes of guitar washes, Scofield ploughs his way through another growl-fest in “Laser Eyes.” Though his acid-gargling vocals are one-dimensional and without much variance, Scofield makes up for his shortcomings with his destructo axe. And with Isis drummer Aaron Harris providing the deafening beats, Bird of Prey finds Zozobra hell bent on hearing loss....."

Read the full interview on and also check out Zozobra October 25th Danbury, Connecticut @ Cousin Larry's .