Torche : Fall Touring Schedule : These guys are wicked good live

So, we says to 'em, "Guys, listen, if you want to do this thing and get in bed wit us, then yr gonna need to write us some real big hit songs and yr gonna need to never stop touring". They told us to fuck off on both counts but went ahead and did 'em anyway... Since Meanderthal was released in April the band has done something like 11 weeks on the road in the US doing various stints with label mates Harvey Milk and Clouds, a full summer tour with their new friends Boris, as well as a dates with the Sword. They're the newest to our family, but they've been remarkable at keeping it IN the family as well...up next they co-headline Europe and the UK with Pelican in to early October, and then two week later head out again in the US, but this time headlining for the first time since the albums release. Clouds are the partners in crime for the entire run, while Coliseum and Black Cobra split the the tour as support. Squeezed in there somewhere in early November are their debut set of dates in Japan with Coliseum in support.

8/31 Orlando, FL @ The Back Booth

9/12 Brighton, UK @ Engine Room w/ Pelican

9/13 Sheffield, UK @ Corporation w/ Pelican

9/14 Glasgow, UK @ Oran Mor w/ Pelican

9/15 Belfast, UK @ The Limelight w/ Pelican

9/16 Dublin, UK @ Whelans w/ Pelican

9/17 Birmingham, UK @ Medicine Bar w/ Pelican

9/18 London, UK @ Underworld w/ Pelican

9/19 Bristol, UK @ Croft w/ Pelican

9/20 Hasselt, BE @ Muziekodroom w/ Pelican

9/21 Tilburg, NL @ ZXZW Festival w/ Pelican

9/22 Munster, DE @ Gleiss 22 w/ Pelican

9/23 Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang w/ Pelican

9/24 Copenhagen, DK @ Loppen w/ Pelican

9/25 Berlin, DE @ Cassiopeia w/ Pelican

9/26 Munich, DE @ Feierwerk w/ Pelican

9/27 Frankfurt, DE @ Nachtleben w/ Pelican

9/28 Dresden, DE @ Beatpol w/ Pelican

9/29 Prague, CZ @ Rock Cafe w/ Pelican

9/30 Budapest, HUN @ A38 w/ Pelican

10/1 Vienna, AT @ Arena w/ Pelican

10/3 Rome, IT @ Init w/ Pelican

10/4 Brescia, IT @ Latte+ w/ Pelican

10/5 Dudingen, CH @ Bad Bonn w/ Pelican

10/6 Stuttgart, DE @ Club Schocken w/ Pelican

10/7 Paris, FR @ Glazart w/ Pelican

10/8 Tourcoing, FR @ Le Grand Mix w/ Pelican

10/9 Vitry Le Francois, FR @ Orange Bleu w/ Pelican

10/10 Koln, DE @ MTC w/ Pelican

10/11 Brussels, BE @ Ancienne Belgique w/ Pelican
10/12 Rotterdam, NL @ Waterfront w/ Pelican
10/24 Athens,GA @ Caladonia w/ Clouds, Coliseum
10/25 Memphis TN @ The Hi-Tone w/ Clouds, Coliseum
10/26 St. Louis, MO @ The Blue Bird w/ Clouds, Coliseum
10/27 Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot w/ Clouds, Coliseum
10/28 Denver, CO @ Larimer w/ Clouds, Coliseum
10/29 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt’s Tiki w/ Clouds, Coliseum
10/30 Boise, ID @ Neurolux w/ Clouds, Coliseum
10/31 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon w/ Clouds, Coliseum
11/1 Portland, OR @ Satricon w/ Clouds, Coliseum
11/3 San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s w/ Clouds, Coliseum
11/7 Tokyo, Japan @ Shin Okubo Earthdom w/ Coliseum
11/8 Osaka, Japan @ Juso Fandango w/ Coliseum
11/9 Aichi, Japan @ Ikeshita club upset w/ Coliseum
11/10 Kanagawa, Japan @ Yokohama FAD w/ Coliseum
11/11 Tokyo, Japan @ Shibuya O-Nest w/ Coliseum
11/14 San Diego, CA @ The Casbah w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/15 Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/16 Phoenix, AZ @ Phix Gallery w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/17 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/19 San Antonio,TX @ Rock Bottom w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/20 Austin, TX @ Red Seven w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/21 Dallas, TX @ The Lounge on Elm St w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/22 Houston,TX @ Walter’s on Washington w/ Clouds, Black Cobra
11/23 New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den w/ Clouds, Black Cobra