Oxbow- "Fuckfest/12 Galaxies" ltd 2 x CD Available Now

This thing just about put James and Wes into early graves over the last three weeks...but we'd be cutting ourselves short if we didn't declare it well worth it. James and Wes are all over this piece...from the design, to the modeling, to the hand assembly and hand numbering, its all thanks to them...thanks guys. Had Niko from Oxbow not delivered the CD master for 12 Galaxies at the 11th hour, we'd be praising the band right about now as well...

"Fuckfest/12 Galaxies" is limited edition double CD tour only release combining the recently remastered version of the band's debut release "Fuckfest", with their last recorded collection of music...in this case a live set christened "12 Galaxies" after the name of the venue in which it was recorded.

‘Fuckfest’ is scheduled for proper re-issue through Hydra Head on September 23rd. Its the first re-issue of many by Oxbow through the label...for a band with such a massive body of work over its 20 year history, much of it is nearly impossible to find...until now, of course. Future titles will (should) feature expanded artwork, remastered audio, bonus/unrealeased material and extended liner notes by those intimately involved in the recordings.

From what we can tell, “12 Galaxies” was a total fluke of sort....a truly acoustic live set that was captured and, when played back, totally killed time and again. Its here now for the first time as part of this 2xCD tour edition, and will likely also see a wider, yet still limited, release before the end of the year.

The release is limited to 300 hand numbered and hand assembled copies complete with silkscreened jacket and a 24 page booklet loaded with insight and perspective on each recording from both Niko and Eugene from the band...

Yep, it rocks. We even heat sealed ‘em. We all sorta stood and looked at them going, “this thing is fucking cool as hell”...you can see it for yourself on any of the bands current European tour dates. We planned ahead and set a few aside to put up on the store in upcoming weeks...so stay tuned.


“Fuckfest” - 1988
30 Miles
The Valley
Bull’s Eye

“12 Galaxies” - 2008
Frankly Frank
(Thanks To Kyle)
She’s A Find
(A Change of Pace)
The Geometry of Business
3 O’Clock