The Austerity Program- Song 20 (The River) 7" OUT YESTERDAY!

Besides holding the distinction of showing the single largest CD sales increase from a positive Pitchfork review, The Austerity Program also hold the distinction of being the only artist on Hydra Head to have appeared on two separate Hydra Head released 7"'s in the last 10 years....and you can be one of the first to hold the second of those 7" releases today by picking up "Song 20 (The River)" on one the 12 "colors" it comes in...all you gots to do is go here. For those of you getting all pissy about the $8 cost, just know we are making a whopping .31 off each of these rubber duckies...

Some of you may have picked this 7" up directly from the band while they were on tour in Europe supporting our bosses band Isis...if you have that version its even more of a rarity...but we ain't gonna tell you why....mostly because we're jealous you may have seen them play this Isis 'hit'.