The week in Tusk reviews.

Online Tusk reviews for the week! The happy smiling heavy metal dude at gave it 4/5. Some hammerhead at the Onions AV Club, the one who ain't vibing on Pelican at the moment, gave it a B-. Decibel didn't seem to care so much, but did review it in tandem with a band called Black clever! A Canadian dug it alot on behalf of Exclaim!. The Cleveland Free Times liked 3/4's of it. Music Emissions pretty much loved it and the taste-makers at Regnyouth Archives pretty much applied the analytical approach.

On newsstands: Aquarian Weekly crowned it their Record of the Week! And coverage is forthcoming from the likes of Revolver, Alternative Press, Magnet, Metal Maniacs, and Paper Thin Walls.

and in other news...Their last release, Tree of No Return, will have CDs restocked by years end and in even more exciting news, the LP version is in the works for what will hopefully a be a January delivery.