Help Wanted

Interested in earning no money to do extremely repetitive and exhausting work in a small cluttered room filled with fowl smells from 5 guys with really bad bodily deposits all for really neat bands on a label called Hydra Head and a this brand new up and coming band called Isis? If so you are probably perfect for this opportunity to help us out from time to time when needed and earn some free shit, some good lunches every now and then, and the fulfillment of helping out bands you might like or a label you might like to help out.

In general we need a couple hard workers, one to help out hhr occasionally but mainly to help out Isis when they need you to and another for HHR maybe one or two days a week to help move us along and do some dirty work with us to get us through this year of nonstop releases. If you feel up to it simply write a letter to and tell me a little about yourself, past work experiences, reason/motivation for applying and wanting to help out, availability, and what you like about the label or Isis and who you would like to work for; either dupey and hydra head or Isis and occasionally hhr when needed.

Requirements for interning:
1. MUST already live in the Los Angeles area. This does not mean we want you to move to LA
for us.
2. Students looking for interning credit is a BIG plus. That way we don't feel so bad for giving you so much work without being paid.
3. Must understand that we are looking for someone who is ok with doing a lot of work, to help out a label in need of it, we are not looking for a new employee.