Pelican: "Rose Nylund" Limited Edition T-Shirt Pre-Order

Click HERE to preorder.

This is what happens when an inside joke goes too far. Long story short, but amongst the emails between the members of Pelican and BCD the subject of the Golden Girls came up. Someone found a picture of Betty White and someone else took it too far, way too far. Our wonderful intern Anthony was designing new Pelican shirts and made this. We've decided to do one, and only one, pressing of these. It's going to take a couple weeks to get it on the print schedule anyway so we're opening it up as a pre-order.

These will be printed on white American Apparel guys and girls shirts. The front design will be done with gold foil, the back is standard black ink and says "Thank you for being a friend!". These should be ready to ship in the first week of July, and again it's a one time thing, maybe the worst idea we've ever had so grab one now if you can't live without it.