So the day has finally come, the boy we met so long ago with the splotchy red skin and ferocious knowledge of all things Hydra, dubbed DUPEY has found his nitch and been permanently promoted. Now the once intern turned office beast master is looking for a little help. That’s right kids; it’s your chance yet again to become one of the elite (and constantly criticized by Hydra Head CEO Mark Thompson) interns at this great empire we’ve built in the sun. But before you go telling mypsace it’s going to be you, ask yourself these simple but important questions.

Please take the Hydra Head Intern Quiz! (No cheating!)

Do you have a car?

Do you slam the door and stomp your feet?

Do you live near the 90029 area code?

Do you leave without saying good-bye?

Do you know the Hydra Head back catalog as well as current releases?

Do you have a problem cleaning up after a tsunami disguised as a dog?

Do you argue with everything that anyone says, to the point that your superior paid staff is uncomfortable asking you to do anything?

Do you have a passion for working in the music industry, and more importantly, with an independent record label?

Can you give one quote from the cinematic genius that is Caddyshack?

What is your message board user name, and what message boards are you obsessed with?

Do you know how to use a phone?

Do you have a familiarity with Word, Excel, Outlook?

Do you like Eddie Murphy circa Delirious and Chevy Chase circa Fletch?

Can you show up on time and commit to working hard at least 2 days a week?

Can you prove that you are friends with us on myspace?

Would you like to get your lunch paid for by Hydra Head?

Do you have a beard (male or female)?

When you farted as a child did your parents refer to them as toots or fluffs?

Do you consider scanning to be a design related task?

Do you have a crush (male or female) on Aaron Turner?

Are you ok with running errands outside of the office such as making photo copies or going to the post office?

These are not trick questions, so you better answer honestly. Please copy and paste this quiz and email it to Bryce@hydrahead.com and Dupey@hydrahead.com, please also include your interests in this company as well as a little information about your work history

Intern duties can consist of pretty much just about anything. Expect to participate in some of the following actions: preparing various mailings (press, tour, retail), calling stores, running errands, laughing at our bad jokes, straightening up the office, folding t-shirts, arranging tour ticket buys, web related tasks, etc. Please understand that this is not all fun and games, the work that the interns do is not glamorous and is to help lighten the day-to-day work load of the very busy superiors, if you commit to helping out then we expect you to actually be of help.

Things that increase your chances of being involved:
-we prefer college students that can obtain credit through the internship though anyone is welcome.
-familiarity with Word, Excel, Outlook, telephones and the internet is preferable.
-your hours of availability may be flexible as long as you are consistent and someone we can count on. We are generally here from 11am to 7pm M-F (occasionally on weekends too).

Good luck!