Pelican - City Of Echoes CD Pre-Order

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Starting today you can pre-order "City of Echoes" and for a limited time have the option of buying one of several limited edition garments. As usual these pieces are being made only for this pre-order and WILL NOT be reprinted. UPDATE: The hoodie design *might* be used for a shirt, but this will be the only time on a hoodie.

Track Listing:
  1. Bliss In Concrete
  2. City Of Echoes
  3. Spaceship Broken - Parts Needed
  4. Winds With Hands
  5. Dead Between The Walls
  6. Lost In The Headlights
  7. Far From Fields
  8. A Delicate Sense Of Balance
The CD is a 6 panel digi-pack with black gloss printing. Listen to the entire record at Oh...This record has cock rock riffs, therefore we had to make the underwear. First (only?) ever underoos for a Hydra Head band.

UPDATE: International Shipping is now Fixed & Functional so those who tried to order previously and had issues or haven't had a chance to yet and are overseas, you can now order away to your hearts desires.