What the fuck is wrong with these dudes? They drove 25 hours from LA to Austin jacked to the tits on trucker speed and Ice T's Original Gangsta album just to put on the sickest showcase South By Southwest has ever waited in line for. Seriously, the parking lot that is Emo's Annex has never been put to better use. Steve Brodsky was up in that piece, playing solo on an acoustic-electric we bought for him after Where's My Luggage? Airlines lost his guitar. (We kept the receipt, and we're totally returning that fucker.) Then Oxbow slammed their cocks up against the crowd's collective psyche - even though our boy Eugene Robinson decided to keep his in his pants. Next up were Daughters, and despite the new haircuts (Boy's Regular), they killed it, obviously. Lex kept his in his pants, too. Big Business was bigger than ever, with Melvins drummer Dale Crover sitting in on guitar... Coady Willis totally pulled a Phil Collins, singing backups through a headset microphone.

Did we mention that Jesu played their second-ever US show? Well, they totally did. After meeting their drummer - Danny Walker (Texas Ranger, har har) from Intronaut - for the first time the night before and totally SLAYING New York's Irving Plaza, they punched Austin in the tits with the kind of cool, icy gorgeousity that landed them on the Billboard chart. No shit. Then we spent two new Pelican songs (and part of "Drought")in a porta-john sniffing white mammoth with this hot tease who works for Pelican and is a totally hot tease. But Pelican ruled even more than they usually do--we know because that's what the 200 people who were waiting in line told us.

Stay tuned for more updates, which may very well happen if strange girls continue to turn down our invitations to hang out with us at the hotel.