We've always been weary of sending releases to radio but due to some heavy petting from some ace radio promotion companies, it's looking like JESU and Big Business are going to get their fare share of metal radio love rapidement! JESU is already getting major radio exposure through our friends at Team Clermont, and yet we wanted to get the word out to metal programmers as well. NYC based The Syndicate, known nationwide for working a smooth game, are on board to run the metal side of things for both titles. They are so fucking pro they've even given us a proper statement! Check it: "The Syndicate is proud to not only be working with two bands that we love, but a label that we truly admire. The Hydra Head Industries logo has become a guarantee of quality. We've never been disappointed by a Hydra Head release and Big Business and Jesu are no different. These two bands have put out two smokin' records and we're ecstatic to share them with the world of metal radio! Here's to a great 2007 for The Syn and Hydra Head!"

Additionally, the Syndicate is helping us get the word out on Zozobra's amazing record - you can download a Zozobra and JESU track right here: www.thesyn.com/blog. A Big Business track will be up on their blog soon.