New Hampshire's Alright If You Like Freezing Your Ass off in the Winter: Scissorfight news, straight from the homeland

New Hampshire. The Green Mountain State. Important state for Presidential Election Primaries. The Inverted Vermont. Former home of The Old Man on the Mountain. Current home of the indefinitely-on-hiatus collective Scissorfight. You see folks, this is how these men work. Every couple of years they'll pop up with a transcending new beast, like they did with this years "Jaggernaut", they'll play the states (this year with long time mates Orange Goblin) and the UK, and then they scatter through the Great Northeast to hibernate for a wee bit. In the meantime, while the faithful sit and wonder how long hibernation will last, we offer a glimpse of hope shining like a beacon through the feet upon feet of snow throughout the Granite State this holiday season. We've been slowly but surely piecing together what will be Scissorfight's first DVD release. Their Stone Church, NH show earlier this spring was shot with multiple cameras, and recorded with deluxe multi-track sounds. Longtime producer Andrew Schnieder mixed it all up on the audio front (its so good we 're thinking of adding a bonus live CD to the release) and our old friend Mike Gill has been putting footage together into a wonderfully edited live set. At the risk of bumming out those who've busted ass working on the DVD (us included!), the real gem of the final product just might be the plethora of old and unseen footage throughout the years. For those in the know you'll get what we mean...Hempfest footage in front of 75,000 people from the early 2000's, live footage from 1995 at the Middle East Upstairs right at the time Guaranteed Kill came out, live footage from even earlier up in NH back when the then un-moniker-ed Ironlung was cropped tight and bleached right, live footage from the Paradise in 1996, from Axis in 2000, you get the idea. Supposedly footage from Mama Kin in 1998 is being dug up as well. Most of it is single camera work with below average audio, but fuck it, its the fact that it even exist that we dig so much. Which reminds us, if you have any footage of the band from over the years, drop us a line at and let us know you got. We're especially looking for shit from the mid to late 90's, especially any Elvis Room shows from back in the day...

In related news Jarvis and Fortin, both a bit antsy with Scissorfight down time, did what they've always said they should do to ease the beast within...they started a new band! Mess With the Bull!! Pete Knipfing, a Boston Rock vet at this point, from Lamont steps up on guitar and vocals with a new recruit Benjamin swinging the planks. As you might imagine its sounds like, well, alot like a mix between Scissorfight and Lamont. Totally slamming rock. They've got tracks posted at their myspace page for downloads, and have a bunch of shows in the works (one tonight in fact with our boys Octave Museum and Clouds!) Give 'em some love.

In other Scissorfight related news, drummer Kevin Strongbow is playing in Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum as well as several other projects. Their debut came out, where else, on Hydra Head this past November and they're heading to the UK with Clouds for a week of dates in February.