a few more videos to check out, both of which feature some older Pelican songs as the soundtrack...

Pelican contributed "Sirius" to Xvivo's demo reel. They specialize in providing amazing animation for medical schools across the country. "As a band, this was a cool choice because we feel that medical animation is likely to reduce the use of animals in labs for testing, so it was neat to contribute a song to a company that likely helps that goal." to view the video click on the link that says animation towards the bottom of their site and the video will play. CLICK to view

this one features the track 'GW' from Australasia as its soundtrack. the images in the video are a collage of footage from 1960 about Joseph Kittinger, a man who in that year took a giant helium balloon up to 102,800 feet and then jumped, setting records for highest ascent, highest jump, longest freefall and fastest fall. The video was put together by Temmi Okkerse, who is a part of the Smallcities art collective in Holland. CLICK to view