Trimming Some Leaves and a Fresh Crop (or Mop?)

Ahh Fall. Here in southern California nothing really changes, still beautiful sunny days, warm weather and cool nights. So what does Fall mean for us here at Hydra Headquarters? A fresh batch of minions to serve and protect the thinking mans metal. With the success of recent "yes men" such as Dupey (who graduated to his own HHR email address) and Emotional Intern (who is still dealing with a lot of heavy shit) we are looking to fill the large shoes and jeans of those who are departing the HHR staff for the likes of "paying jobs" and "school work". Yes that's right kiddies! Its your chance to be the newest batch of unpaid interns!

Intern duties can consist of pretty much just about anything. Expect to participate in some of the following actions: preparing various mailings (press, tour, retail), calling stores, running errands, laughing at our bad jokes, straightening up the office, folding t-shirts, arranging tour ticket buys, web related tasks, etc..

Things that increase your chances of being involved:
-you must live near the 90029 zip code and have a car.
-we prefer college students that can obtain credit through the internship although we are open to anyone.
-we expect some familiarity with our artists and the label.
-a passion about working in the music industry, and more importantly, with an independent record label
-familiarity with Word, Excel, Outlook, telephones and the internet is preferable.
-an understanding that this is not all fun and games, and if you commit to helping out then we expect you to actually be of help.
-your hours of availability may be flexible as long as you are consistent and someone we can count on. We are generally here from 9am to 7pm M-F (occasionally on weekends too).

If you think you fit, email and tell him why..