Xasthur - Subliminal Genocide Pre-Order

With tremendous respect and admiration, Hydra Head Industries is proud to release the work of one of the underground black metal scenes most creative minds: Xasthur. For this release, we are working in association with Battle Kommand Records. The Illinois-based label has released an impressive stable of quality underground releases, including a Xasthur/Leviathan split. Subliminal Genocide adheres to the sonic and lyrics principles of malevolence contained in Xasthurs past work, but further develops the use space and atmosphere. Though the significance and appeal of underground black metal remains largely experienced only by the few who dwell in dark corners, we hope this tremendous Xasthur record reaches the ears of all those who are even slightly fond of extreme art.

On September 12th, Hydra Head wil release the new full length album from Xasthur, "Subliminal Genocide". From now untill the release date, you can now pre-order the CD to be shipped to you the week of September 12th*. In addition, we are offering the option of a limited edition t-shirt, made especially in conjunction with the new record. Adding the shirt is entirely optional, and the shirt will only be available to purchase until August 31st, never to be printed again. This is a standard, 50 cotton/50 polyester blend black t-shirt, featuring a front a back print.

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