Dupey in Blunderland

What do you get when you work an intern so hard that he loses focus by the end of the day? You get something he leaves behind in a flustered rush out the door to make it to the post office on time. You then take that thing he left behind, something he needs almost everyday, you wrap it in tape, then put it in a condom, then put it in an LP sleeve and blow it up, and then wrap it in more tape. then you have Tits McGhee take pictures of it as it all happens (ps: she asked for the name). Dupey is the non-emotional intern that was delivered here from god. You can see his mug covered in blood on a previous post. His counter part, the emo one, missed out on all the fun because he just had to get away from all the stress of not living at home and not having to be in high school anymore. On a plus note for Drooley, his mom did stock up his new pad with Chips Ahoy lunchables and "Paradise Destiny" Capri Sun. (Wes, one of the paid nut jobs here made note of the fresh provisions...)

If you can guess what is in the tape/condom/LP sleeve/tape before we ignore Dupey's call again, you will win something that has yet to be determined. We really will send something though, but make note, it just won't be very cool. But then again, it could be a copy of the new Pelican 2xLP gatefold record which arrives here on Wednesday...

Email bryce@hydrahead.com with your guesses.