hello everyone,
we haven't been quite as consistent with the news updates as we promised, but then again, do we ever really follow through on ANYTHING we say? anyway, there's no urgent breaking news on anything in particular, but we do have a couple things we'd like to mention and remind you folks about. first off: live dates for some HH bands - oxbow will be playing a couple shows as an acoustic duo this upcoming weekend (nov 17-18). scott kelly from neurosis will also be performing on the bill in some sort of acoustic or semi acoustic incarnation. the shows are in san francisco and la - please see the tour dates section for more info. khanate are hitting foreign shores as we speak to kick off their UK tour starting nov. 18th. they will be bringing with them the newly issued 12" vinyl version of "capture and release", the new DVD, and some merch items designed in part by hydra head staffers. pelican will also be headed off for foreign lands shortly there after, so all you euro folk save up and budget your time wisely - them there's some molten riff eruptions you won't forgive yourself for missing. lastly, in regards to live performances, we'd like to remind you about the upcoming cave in tour that kicks off on nov 27th. as mentioned previously, more info on all these tours can be found in our tour section on the hydra site.
in release related news we're happy to say that we've had and will continue to have more vinyl flowing in the office door than in recent history. as most of you may know, we just released the pelican/mono split 12" in cooperation with the fine temporary residence limited label, and it's already well on it's way to being sold out. next up we'll have the khanate "capture and release" 12" which has already been pressed up and is on it's way to the webstore - we have some truly ridiculous packages in the works for this release through the hydrahead shop so keep your eyes peeled if you wanna get in on that action. in the not too distant future we shall have the long awaited vinyl version of the 2 most recent pelican releases, "the fire in our throats will beckon the thaw" 2xlp, and the "march into the sea" 12", as well as a double picture disc version of the self titled jesu album AND an lp of new material from boris with merzbow (which is NOT the same material as heard on the recently released "sunbaked snow cave" cd)..... so vinyl fans worldwide: REJOICE!!!