PELICAN/OPETH tour update!!!

Greetings everyone....
as you may or may not know Pelican is SUPPOSED to be on tour with opeth right now, but apparently opeth are having some visa problems that are preventing them from getting in the country. so, with numerous cancelleations pelican has picked up the slack and booked some last minute shows in place of those that were cancelled. to make a long story short, you can STILL see pelican, though of course not with opeth. however they are still playing with some excellent bands such as Everlovely Lightningheart, Tarentel, Graves at Sea, etc.....shows info is as follows:

10/09 Pelican plays two shows this day!
FIRST SHOW @ neckbeards at 8 pm
5072 S Prince St, tempe AZ
SECOND SHOW, 10 pm @ 2942 N. 16th Street (north of Thomas), phoenix AZ
w/graves at sea, etc....

10/10 - Los Angeles
FREE SHOW!! @ Mountain Bar - show starts at 8, 21+
475 Gin Ling Way (Cross Street: Hill Street)
Everlovely Lightningheart (Hydra Head recording artists), Intronaut, and Brian Crabtree +DJs

10/11 - SAN FRAN
warehouse show, shows starts at 9:30
58 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105-3110. Infoline: 415 278 9519.
Playing with Tarentel and yellow swans

PLEASE come out an support pelican - they've been a bit screwed by all these cancellations and gas ain't cheap!
some shows are free, but bring lots of extra money for pelican merch and kisses from the band members...