Hi there.

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all the folks that have helped us out of our swirling pit of financial despair and gotten us back on the road to recovery. We're still in a tight spot, but in much better shape than we were even a few months ago, thanks entirely to all the support we've received from around the globe. Still highly unlikely we'll ever be able to release a new record again, BUT it does look like we'll be able to keep repressing a lot of our wonderful back catalog, some of it already in the works (but more on that later)...  So yeah - massive thanks and hugs to all you generous folks out there, we are grateful to be able to spend some more time making things for you to cherish (and possibly hoard) for years to come!

For now we'd like to alert you to the next phase of our Financial Rehab Program, which basically just means we have a bunch of excellent new and not-so-new items to share with you. And by share, we mean sell to you for money. Here's what we've got in the RTK Store now, and there'll be a few more additions in the coming days:

- JK Flesh/Prurient/House of Low Culture - LP test press/cassette combo
- New (and limited) t-shirt/zip-up with art and design by A. Turner
- The looong awaited In These Black Days 7" box set
- The last remaining copies of the Melvins (A) Senile Animal box sets
- A few more pieces of musical gear as used/abused by Old Man Gloom/Greymachine/etc
- A MASSIVE pile of out of print ISIS vinyl rarities
- ...aaaand some new distro items from Torche, Red Sparowes and the like....

That's all all for now and thanks again!


Team HHR
Jan 27, 2013