Nihill New Song Streaming on Pitchfork, 2xLP/CS Available at Vacation Vinyl

Nihill's "Verdonkermaan" can now be purchased exclusively at Vacation Vinyl! Grab it in-store on 2xLP or Cassette before the official release date on August 21st. All vinyl copies come with a CD. 

You can also now stream their new track "Fantoom" on Pitchfork, one of two new songs to be released on cassette in addition to Verdonkermaan. The cassette, Woestenij, will be limited to 100 copies through Tartarus Records.

You can even READ about Verdonkermaan over at Cvlt Nation: "Raw black metal has been a little on the quiet side this year; some great black metal releases from across the genre’s spectrum have made their way into the ether, yet this writer at least has yet to hear anything at the harsher end of the scale that pulses with the kind a sinister malevolence that Nihill’s third offering does."

Metal Sucks says "Nihill are a band that can go anywhere they want and still retain control of what they want to be doing." 

Props also coming from Meat Mead Metal, who called the album "one of the more adventurous records to surface this year" and found themselves "captured by the bizarre vortex of sound this band captures and turns into avant-garde black metal magic."