Interns Wanted

Well, it's that time of year again, when our previous interns (who have raised the bar in killing it for the past few months) have moved on to paying gigs recording chart-topping recording artists (seriously, Navon has had production credits on multiple iTunes top 10 sellers at the same time!). So, for the proud women and men who would like to be bossed around for free, here is your chance.

Do you want to intern here at Hydra Head? Do you like doing menial tasks for school credit, free records, and free lunch? If you live in the Los Angeles area and want to see first hand why a career in the music industry is a bad idea, send an email to sugarbear AT

Let him know why you are interested, when you're available, what pertinent skills you might have, and why we should pick you.

A beard is not required.

This is who you will be reporting to.